ryvetted4 asked: "Thank you for the gif sets! I love them!"

It’s a pleasure, thank you! :D

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Anonymous asked: "I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved your last gifset. The colours are perfect. I really like how your gifs chronologically take us back in time. And you always pick great scenes, too. Thank you for that!"

This has made me so happy, thank you! I love rewatching the episodes myself, I think over time you forget about so many little scenes, it’s nice to look back and appreciate them. And compliments on my gif colouring, I love them so much, you are wonderful *kisses*

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Anonymous asked: "Hello. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to make such lovely gif sets and I might be a little in love with you for using that Spike quote on Ste and Brendan. I always thought of them when I hear it, so thank you. I really am grateful for all your hard work and still creating gifs for this amazing pairing. x"

Thank you so much! I plan to gif them on this blog right up to their final episode so I’m glad it’s still appreciated! And of course, I had to use the Spike quote. He is my original baby boy and I love him forevers.

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